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YoniDelight is a sacred-sex-toy made of rose quartz. Her name is AMI and she invites to discover, activate your erotic and sensual self in new ways.

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YoniDelight is a sacred-sex-toy made of rose quartz. Her name is AMI and she invites you to discover, activate yourself sensual and erotic self in new ways. You will get a handmade etui with your order to keep her safe.


  • Dimensions in centimeters: 17x2x4
  • Material rose quartz
  • Chakra: Heart Chakra
  • Color: light pink (color may differ from image, it is of natural stone ... :-)
  • Accessories: You get a beautiful handmade etui
  • Rose quartz can help you to: stimulate your sensual imagination, open your heart chakra to teach you the true essence of love and attraction in all forms, understand your needs and emotions, increase your self-esteem and self-confidence and cope with flow in your relationship

  • Transforms armour (sore and numb spots) into pleasurable awakened tissue
  • Experience new ways of self pleasure
  • Increases awareness and sensitivity of your yoni
  • To replace ‘habitual self pleasure’ for new epic self love  
  • Make love with yourself
  • Bring your energy upwards
  • She’s always ready to serve you
  • Adapts easily to your body temperature
  • You can take all the time you need
  • She never gets tired and stops only if you want to
  • Want’s to help you awaken your cervix
  • Create Your Own Ritual  
  • There’s no right or wrong way of using YoniDelight when you play with yourself or partner. Just follow your impulses, your intuition and discover your unique route to orgasm. You will do great!
"Maturbation is a way of thanking the universe for having a body" - Ruby May

  • Clean her physically before you play, you don’t want to have bacterias in your yoni-flower
  • Clear her energetically with sage, under running water with you intentions.
  • Charge your YoniDelight every once in awhile during full moon or place her in sunlight.
  • Preferably use your own lubrication or when you need some extra, use a natural lubricant like coconut oil.

  • Make sure you don’t let anyone touch your YoniDelight, so she stays clean energetically and physically.  
  • When you clean her with boiling water, don’t put her in the boiling water. She might break.
  • Caution: Do not work with your YoniDelight when you are pregnant, suffer from a bladder or other vaginal infection. Want to work with your YoniDelight while menstruating? That's up to you to decide. Some do it, some don’t. According to Ayurveda traditions, any activity that interferes with downward flow of energy during menstruation should be avoided as women are more likely to absorb other energies in their environment.