About me

My mission is to live in My Eden and inspire and guide you to live in Your Eden. I believe our bodies know! I wasn’t always like that. I was a sensitive person living in my head and didn’t know what I wanted and do a whole lot better now! :-) I 

My inner work started in my head with several Vipassana retraites in Thailand over 10 years ago. Discovering my monkey mind and tuning into silence prepared me for the next level; the heart! I stumbled upon an Priestess of Avalon training, learned about the womb space, sacred feminine energies with Klara Adalene, opened up my pineal gland with mother Ayahuasca. This all opened my for another level; my sexual centres in the lower part of my body. De-armouring and tantra found me!   

I feel still quite a new on the tantric path, i did my first de-armouring training in October 2016 on Ibiza and got enthusiastic about this ever since. I didn’t live in my body, I was thinking my way through life and thought I was living it. Instead I was living the life which others rolled out for me. Not mine. Thankfully I got support from one of my teachers Suzanne Rousgaard. She encouraged me to start professionally. Although ‘inner work’ was always part of my life, it was such a big step to quit my job as an online marketeer and start as a bodyworker and coach. I love guiding women and couples into a more loving and fulfilling life. Connected with the body, emotions, sexuality and spirituality. Are you ready to live in Your Eden? 

When our sexual energy flows freely, we are stronger, happier and more ourselves. Why? Sexual energy is the most potent energy there is, it’s the basis of all the new life on this earth. It created you and it is creating life as we speak...

Name: Marijtje Ravensbergen, my parents choose to call me Mirjam
Born on: 18-12-1983, in  Leiden a city in the Netherlands
Graduated: Philosophy of Law at University in Leiden
Worklife: I started of as a projectleader and online marketeer in IT to find out that’s not my path anymore.


  • School of life ;-)
  • De-armouring trainers training bij Susanne Rousgaard, -Sanna Sannita en De’An Matuka. - 2016
  • Phoenix Rising – House of Tantra - 2017, 2018
  • De-armouring vervolg training – Susanne Rousgaard 2017
  • Tantra training Four Pillars – House of Tantra 2018
  • Liberating and finding Dakini Powers – House of Tantra 2017
  • Essence of tantra & Evolving Through Tantra  - Agama Thailand 2018
  • Full-Body De-armouring – De Gaia Methode – Susanne Rousgaard 2018
  • Sexual Female Body De-armouring - Susanne Rousgaard 2018
  • Kashmiri Massage - House of Tantra 2018


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