Conscious yoni mapping

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Conscious yoni mapping G-spot, cervix, clitorris, inner lips, outer lips, vaginal opening, a-spot, p-spot, x-spot. Some of these spots you might know either mentally or you have felt them during (solo)sex. BUT! Do you know how it feels like when they are touched? I Do you know how to guide yourself and/or your partner to your sweet spots? Have you discovered and activated all your spots?  I bet you might have answered no to at least one of these questions. I did too! Yoni mapping can be your friend.   SYMPTOMS  Here you'll find the symptoms of a de-armoured yoni.   inability to experience deep yoni orgasms numb areas or total numbness in your yoni dryness lack of sensitivity no orgasms at all a need to rub the clit hard in order to climax pain during lovemaking contracted and hard inner muscles...

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Want to feel more? These tools help you to do that

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Want to feel more? These tools help you to do that I believe we are ALL sensitive beings AND we are all being numbed/armoured by experiences are little or big bodies couldn’t cope with at young ages. As we grow older either we discover we have armoured ourselfs, or we continue living without really knowing. Almost all of my clients want to feel more! Sometimes they want to allow feelings AND sometimes they want to allow sensations (during sex). To really feel. In this blog I’m going to give you two tools which will make you feel more. I’m pretty sure they do. Maybe not right away but practice makes perfect. TOOL 1: YOUR BREATH The breath is the carrier of life. Your life. When you stop breathing you, your body will stop living. You’ll die. This is common sense, don’t you think. But ever thought about this?  The more you breathe the...

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To come or not to come

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To come or not to come When you’re walking the tantric path it’s a topic to come or not to come? This talk at Agama Yoga made it much more clear for me. They made the distinction between implosive and explosive orgasms. So what does that mean? WOMEN AND IMPLOSIVE ORGASMS Have you noticed as a woman that after orgasm your clitoris doesn’t want to be touched? That it becomes worse after multiple orgasms. It’s a sign you had an explosive orgasm. Another sign is you might be drained off energy after stimulation and want to go to sleep. Having explosive orgasms is not a bad thing. Tantric practioners see it as a way of losing energy, you spill it instead of keeping it in and moving it up or circling it. A small side note. For some women clitoral orgasms can be implosive with the help of edging. However, if you want to “stay...

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Stages of sexuality

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Stages of sexuality Since I was in my mum’s belly I was rubbing my genitals just because it felt nice. So I did as a child, teenager and now as a grown woman. God, I’d like to call it cosmic consciousness, was f*cking clever to give us these sexual feelings. It’s the root of ALL creation. I don’t have to look sexy, act or dress a certain way, I’m a sexual being by default! AND I’m on a sexual awakening journey, becoming more and more conscious of myself, my body, desires, conditioning. Different sexual stages I’ve gone through to arrive here and I will describe the different stages I’ve been in for you. One thing is for sure, I’m glad where I’m at now and never do I want to go back! STAGES OF SEXUALITY The three stages I went through so far are basically the stages you go through as a...

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Conscious Sex Talk

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Conscious Sex Talk BY MIRJAM: Last week I was sailing with my friends and had a talk about conscious sex and consent. ‘Come in for a cup of tea‘, is something we all experienced in the middle of the night.  In a way it’s funny and it’s clear what it means. But if your’re inviting somebody in for a cup of tea, does it really mean something else? Is it code language for ‘let’s fuck?”. The truth is, it can mean a lot and you don’t know for sure unless you talk openly about your desires, wishes and boundaries.  I call talking about this ‘conscious sex talk’. This talk is inspired by my own experience and ISTA’s elevator pitch. FEAR OF SLUTSHAMING I wish I had the courage to have a conscious talk about sex in my twenties and say something like “You’re...

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Conditioning and how open centres effect you

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Conditioning and how open centres effect you “Conditioning is a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement.” We’re all conditioned by our surroundings in one way or another. In some areas we’re more likely to be conditioned then others. But how do you in which area’s you’re receptive and in which you aren’t? My answer Human Design. It tells you all about your defined and undefined centres. In this blogpost I’ll share something about Human Design, how open centres work and what you can do. Why? So you can be more you and live happy and free in Your Eden.   HUMAN DESIGN  Astrology 2.0 is my description of Human Design, based upon your time and date of birth you get your chart. Right now this method divides humanity in four...

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How to get into alignment first? And not run around like a headless chicken.

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How to get into alignment first? And not run around like a headless chicken. “Listen to Sov’s choice”,  was what Lody my friend, yoga teacher and hypnotherapist said to me a few months ago. She can be very persuasive. ;-) I started reading books, listen to podcasts, audiobooks AND more important I started implementing these laws. Day by day and I still do. Now with the help of these Universal Laws I’m transforming my life and business and live more and more in alignment. My intention with this blog is to inspire you to live from your place of alignment. I’d like to call that place Your Eden. It’s a place within yourself from which you love, work and live with playfulness, lightheartedness and joy. How to get there? Strengthen your connection with your body, emotions and sexuality! WHAT’S THE LAW OF ATTRACTION?   There are seven universal laws....

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Wat is de-armouring

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Wat is de-armouring Veel mensen vragen aan mij, ‘goh Mirjam wat is dat nu eigenlijk de-armouring?’ In de korte versie omschrijf ik het als een combinatie van massage en drukpunten om het lichaam blokkadevrij(er) te maken. Vandaag wil ik mijn uitgebreidere versie van wat ‘armour’ en ‘de-armouring’ voor mij is met jullie delen. Wat is armour? Om een beter begrip van de-armouring te krijgen, wil ik eerst uitleggen wat er met  ‘armour’ bedoeld wordt. Sommigen verwarren armour met amour. Het eerste is letterlijk vertaald ‘harnas’ en het tweede ‘liefde’. Ieder mens heeft armour in het lichaam. Dit doet zich voor in de vorm van spanning in de spieren, het spierweefsel en nestelt in je energetisch lichaam. Steeds wanneer we onder stress staan, komt er spanning op ons lichaam zodat...

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Yoni Entrance let this help you step into your power!

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Yoni Entrance let this help you step into your power! Ever wondered about the ways your yoni can be entered? No? I know I didn’t for a long time! For me there was just one way. My partners entered me whenever they thought I was ready. They initiated and I was the one who (silently) said yes and didn’t always check in with my body. This is the masculine way of entering a yoni. The partner/penetrator is taking initatieve and is doing. That was the only way I knew for a long time. Until de-armouring found me.  In this post I describe the female approach and how this helps you to step into YOUR POWER You're no vicitim, you're a powerful creator. The creator of Your Eden and this practices helps you to tap into that SUPERPOWER.  YOUR CHOICE  I belief it’s about time women started learning the female approach when it comes to entering the...

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My first yoni puja

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My first yoni puja During Phoenix Rising, a healing tantra retraite i dit with House of Tantra, I had my First Yoni Puja! A puja is a ritual to honer the devine. The goal of this puja was to purify the yoni and honor the goddess within. This was such a wonderful experience, I wish for every woman to be honerd in such a beautiful way. In my case this puja was part of a retraite and guided by the teacher, but I can imagina you can also do this with your man at home. In this blog, I'll share some practical info so you can do it yourself.   The ritual and practical things we did We all started in a circle. Women in the inner circle staying seated every blessing they received, men in the outer moving one position to the right after they gave their blessing. I never did a yoni puja and was amazed by the effect it had on my....

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