Your Eden is a peaceful, happy and loveling place within yourself.



We are all sensitive beings and most of us unconsciously numbed ourselfs. For the sake our own survival, for the sake of fitting in and feel love we started adjusting and finetuing ourselfs for the other. 'The others' are your parents, friends, teachers, the society and so on. Our numbness and pain is our bodies mechanism to heal! Isn't that great? It stores our painful memories in the form of emotions, memory or sensations for us until we're ready face it, let go and become fully ourselves. I've come from far and feel there's still a road a he
ad of me. There's always a next level of feeling, a next level of loving. In the mean time I would love to invite, inspire and guide you to jump on board.
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My personal journey

I am Mirjam, sensitive like everyone else on this planet I guess. I didn't always know that because mostly I lived in my head, numbed myself with tv, alcohol, must do's and sould do's. I never really learned to feel my body and. When we grow up we're unconsciously taught to adjust to your surroundings, to fit in with partners, friends, collagues, the life society excepts from us. I did that too and I cut my cord to my life force energy, from sexuality, from pleasure. And the worst, I thought others were responsible for this. Luckily spirit is strong and leads the way always! Vipassana Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Ayahuasca, De-armouring and Tantra woke me up bit by bit and I'm still traveling. ;-)
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Now I can say, know and feel I wasn't present in my body. There was just this nagging feeling of 'there's more'. How do you find the route to your body if you don't even know thats possible?  My body is part of the holy trinity, body, mind and spirit! I belief my body is the entrance to heal, to fee, to life, to My Eden. My Eden is a sacred place within myself and therefor outside myself. I feel my body, know I'm the creator of my life, synchronissity occurs more and more and it keeps getting better.  I know If I can do it, you can do it too! It's my mission to inspire and guide women and couples back into the body. Because I believe, Your Body Knows. It's safe, heals us, is our friend and loves some attention too. 


"You can only go as fast as the slowest part of you feels safe to go!" 

Karen Drucker - Gentle With Myself