Noeit | Yoni Egg

This yoni egg is named after the Egyptian goddess of heaven Noiet. She is a purple gemstone and is perfect for your pussy exercise.

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Queen of outer space and inner wisdom! This yoni egg is named after the Egyptian goddess of heaven: Noiet. She is a purple gem, an a-quality amethyst, hand-tipped and is perfect for your pussy exercise. Use her to strengthen your pelvic floor, make you more sensitive and to tune in to the cosmic mother's milk. Become the queen of your yoniverse!


  • Size: 49mm x 35mm good for beginners
  • Chakra: third eye (6th) and crown chakra (7th)
  • Color: purple mottled (color can differ from image becaus it's a gift of nature)
  • Material: amethyst
  • Drill hole: horizontally drilled, so you can use a string or do vaginal weightlifting or to easily remove. 
  • Accessories: delivered in a beautiful box to keep her safe 
  • Qualities of the stone: amethyst is known for it’s relationship with the cosmos. It encourages you to take responsibility for your reality by reminding you of your relationship with your higher self and your creating powers.
    • Amethyst makes you relaxed and prepares you for tuning on your higher self, thus also very suitable for meditation.
    • The stone calms your thoughts also gives inner and mental rest.
    • Amethyst helps you in decision making, promotes common sense and spiritual insights, drives away anger, fear and concern and softens sorrow and sadness.
    • The stone cleans the aura, works calmly and blocks negative energies.

  • Increases vaginal awareness
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, jup the ones you use when you orgasm or pee!
  • Improves your orgasmic potential, hmmmm
  • Sensitizes your vagina
  • Improves your relationship with intimacy and sexuality
  • Increase your creative energy, passion and libido
  • Prepare for delivery or restoring after childbirth
  • Pleasure your partner even more
  • Enhance natural lubrication, even after menopause
  • Caution: Do not use work with your yoni-egg when you are pregnant, suffer from a bladder or other vaginal infection. Want to work with you yoni-egg while menstruating? That's is up to you to decide. Some do it, some don’t. According to Ayurveda traditions, any activity that interferes with downward flow of energy during menstruation should be avoided as women are more likely to absorb other energies in their environment.