Why working hard doesn't work

Work hard. Whe you hear that do you also think 'fuck that?!'. If so this blog might interest you. I'm starting to understand more and more why 'working hard' doesn't work as well as doing less. I'm raised with the idea working hard is something to strive for. If you work hard you're worthy of life , then you deserve to be succesful. This is total BS if you ask me! I know there are plenty of people out there who figured out to be a magnet for succes. who thrive instead of survive and work hard. In this blog I'll share my most recent insights on change, why working hard doesn't always work as well. 

Oke here's the deal. Only 5% of our thoughts and thinking is conscious, which means 95% isn't conscious. You probably knew that, right? I was baffled when I read researchers found that 90% of the thoughts we thought today, we thought the day before too. And even more so when I read 80-90% of our thoughts are negative. This focus on the negative is called negative bias and has to dow with evolution. In order to survive we needed to be focused on bad news. That makes sense, but still. Do we really need that nowadays?

So I can consciously say 'yes' to change and start working from there by creating new plans, ways to solve my problem, come up with things that I want to do differently. BUT when there's subconscious belief stuck in my body that's the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve, that belief is making sure the hard work I do with my brain (thinking, analysing, applying logic, coming op with new ways, new plans) isn't paying off. My intention is to work less and have enough money to do all the things I want to do. At the same time my subconscious belief tells my I have to work hard, that's what I'm destined to do. So this belief is limiting my potential to thrive.

Change doesn't aks working old school style but dedication to surrender and relax into new beliefs. The 'working hard' comes from force, comes from a place of lack and takes lots of effort, leaves me drained. True change asks power from within. We need to take ourselves to a state of relaxation, surrender, trust and 'not doing'. That's how we enter the lower brainwaves of the subconscious mind (body).  And we need both, the brain AND the body. The brain spots negative beliefs en becomes conscious of it. So when there's a problem I'd like to solve withing myself (maybe I want healing, expand into something more beautiful) my conscious mind and subconscious mind (body) have to merry, have to merge together so they are in harmony. To put this in toher words. Change is about getting rid of the old negative and limiting programm which causes me to vibrate low  AND re-programm myself to higher vibrations, feelings, beliefs like. 

  • Setting a daily intention to consciously give focus to my subconscious mind (body)
    An intention is something you want to invite in your life. It guides and helps you towards your goal. My overal intention in life for example is 'to feel good'. 
  • Daily affirmations/afformations to inject myself with positive thougths  
    Short postive sentences (affirmations) or questons (afformations) I tell myself. Like the afformations "I'm a magnet for abundance & succes". I downloaded an app called 'affirmation reminder'. It sends me different afformations during the day. 
  • Bodywork like conscious breathing, movement and shaking to activate, relax and release from the subconscious mind (body). 
    I love the 22 minutes of bliss from Ronja Sebastian. It's free, really doable and leaves me in a higher vibration.
  • Meditation to start the day 
    When we mediate we go from the active beta brainwaves towards alpha or theta waves.
    This is the magical area where healing, heart coherence and change happens from a place of power. You become a magnet instead of using your force and work hard to get the change. There's lots of different meditation techniques (mantras, focusing on the breath, guided meditatons). I've been listening to Great Day Meditation for the last two months.
  • Daily hypnosis to infiltrate my subconscious mind (body) with positive believes.
    I'm ending a 21 day hypnosis to reprogramm my negative beliefs around full body and cervix orgasm and will write about this when I feel inspired to do so either on my blog or on Instagram.

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