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What's your preference when it comes to making love, kissing, touching? What are you made off according to the stars? Get your Erotic Profile and find out.

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Your Erotic Profile tells you what unique combination you are based upon your date, time and location of birth. Every body is a unique combination of the following types, so are you:

  • Primal
  • Romantic
  • Passionate
  • Angelic 
Every type has it's own ways of making love, kissing, talking and challenges. Based upon your time, location and date of birth we'll create your Erotic Profile. Are the stars defining you? I believe they give direction if you let them, but don't limit you in any kind of way. Use your profile as a way to get a deeper and fuller understanding.

  • Within 2-4 days workingdays you'll receive a PDF file in your inbox with your own unique combination. This is for you to work with, start exploring and create, expand yourself as a sexual being.
  • Fill out your name, date, time and location of birth. We need it to create your profile. 
  • Use the code 'discount' to make sure you don't pay 3.95 deliverycosts. 

  • start exploring your sexuality from another point of view
  • allow other parts of your sexuality which you didn't dare to express
  • understand yourself better
  • express this part either solo or with your partner
  • open up to pleasure on other layers
  • invite more dynamic in the bedroom 
  • spice up your (solo)sexlife