Conscious yoni mapping

G-spot, cervix, clitorris, inner lips, outer lips, vaginal opening, a-spot, p-spot, x-spot. Some of these spots you might know either mentally or you have felt them during (solo)sex. BUT! Do you know how it feels like when they are touched? I Do you know how to guide yourself and/or your partner to your sweet spots? Have you discovered and activated all your spots?  I bet you might have answered no to at least one of these questions. I did too! Yoni mapping can be your friend.  

Here you'll find the symptoms of a de-armoured yoni.  
  • inability to experience deep yoni orgasms
  • numb areas or total numbness in your yoni
  • dryness
  • lack of sensitivity
  • no orgasms at all
  • a need to rub the clit hard in order to climax
  • pain during lovemaking
  • contracted and hard inner muscles
  • a hard and overly sensitive cervix
  • hard tissue along the walls of the yoni
  • small grain-like lumps
These are symptoms of an armoured yoni. If you recognize any of this symptoms you might want to try to start de-armouring your yoni. You can do this yourself, with the help of your partner or with a profesional. That's totally up to you. 

The less armour the yoni holds, the more open, youthful, sexy and vibrant the body will look and feel. After de-armouring the yoni feels:
  • soft
  • velvety
  • juicy
  • sensitive
  • readily moist for lovemaking
  • and as a bonus you're able to feel deeper pleasure all over the body!
Yoni Mapping is the practice of creating an mental map while your are physically touched at specific potential pleasure spots while the giver mentions the specific parts out loud “Left outer lip, space between the lips etc”.  This helped me to reconnect with my yoni, to explorer how certain areas feel like when they are touched. You can explorer en receive! You don’t have to please anyone, perform, pretend you like it. It’s all about you and creating your yoni map so you know how to guide yourself and/or your partner to your sweet parts.    

“Why do you let other people do that? I can do that!”


“Why do you let other people do that? I can do that!”, said my Dutch lover kind of surprised when I shared my experience.  That’s true and at the same time it’s more difficult for me when I do this with a lover outside workshop space. When I feel fully aroused I don’t want to do the practice and the pleaser and performer starts to be active when I’m with my lover. I want to show him that I like what he does. AND for the giver it’s not a simple task. It’s quite hard to stay focussed on giving, not wanting to get a certain result, stay present and not subconsciously going into taking.

When you do this with your partner and please do! Make sure you agree upon how you do it so you will get the most benefit out of this practice. Do it as a ritual, with a beginning end an and. For both parties it’s super important to stay connected with each other, to make sure you do what you want and to allow what feels good and to express yourself when it doesn’t feel good. Think of a word  (I use red) or a gesture (I use tapping on the other person) as a stop sign.
  •     Set a certain timeframe at least 1 hour
  •     Both share your intention
  •     Start with a relaxing massage
  •     Systematically touch the following parts outside the vagina (right outer lip, left outer lip, space between the lips, clitoris, urethra)
  •     If the women is ready, she may verbally invite the giver in her yoni
  •     Systematically touch vaginal opening, g-spot, cervix, a-spot, p-spot, x-spot (also refered to as k-spot)
  •     As a receiver, let your partner now how you want to be touched. Allow yourself to experiment. You might need more time on a specific spot, more or less pressure, a different kind of touch. 
  •     When you’re finished, leave the yoni consciously.
  •     Give the receiver time to integrate and let her be for 10 minutes while cover her so she doesn’t get cold. 
  •     Take some time to both share your feelings and findings about this practice

I’m very curious if and how this will work for you. Fill out the form below if you want to share your experience.  

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