Release, Be Free, Be You!

There’s at least one thing you and I have in common; we want to feel good all the time! We want to feel good about ourselves, our jobs, our relationships, our contribution to the world, our bodies, our clothes, our social life, our home, our eating habits, our ecological footprint and so on. Do you believe that’s possible? I do! Your body knows! It tells you what to do in order for you to feel good all the time. De-armouring is the perfect way to start connecting with your body, increase your body awareness and also to release stuck energy. So you can become you and live your live the way you want it in Your Eden! 

De-armouring helps you to:
  • Live more authentically 
  • Connect with your inner world
  • Release tension, emotions and trauma
  • Restore balance in your body
  • Feel your body again
  • Increase self-love
  • Recognize and indicate your boundaries
  • Let your life force energy flow

In a de-armouring session we don’t talk like you would normally do in a therapy session. We kind of talk with your body. De-armouring a type of bodywork which focuses on working with your painbody. Your painbody is a collection of all stuck negative emotions, beliefs, trauma, tension which you gathered throughout your life. This armour is blocking your lifeforce energy to flow freely. If this doesn’t flow, you feel less. 

ArmoUr accumulates in our bodies through, for example, childhood trauma, daily stress, fears, painful experiences in our lives, difficult relationships or negative beliefs. The armour arises because you do not shake off the experience, but you store the stress, conviction or experience in your body. Even if the situation is over. Let me give you an example: You are very angry about something your partner, your boss or colleague does. You feel furious. In your body your nervous system has released energy to scream, to say something, to stand up for yourself, to cry. But you fight, flight or freeze. In other words, you didn’t use that energy that has been released. When your body is unable to let go and your muscle remains constrained, there is a blockage (armor) in your body.

De-armouring sessions differ from tantric sessions. In tantric sessions the aim is to feel pleasure, to reach bliss and through that release blockages. In de-armouring we work with the painbody, you feel into your pain, allow it to be here, you breathe into it. For me de-armouring is a sexual healing method which prepares your body for tantric practices And in general it helps you to feel more. When your body is full of blockages, it’s hard to feel. The more you free yourself, the more you feel, the more space there is to be you.

I’m your guide into feeling and re-connecting with your body again so you can become more you in all aspects of your life. De-armouring can help you on your path and is not a quick fix, you still have to do ‘the work’. In the two years I’m working as a de-armouring professional I’ve learned bodywork works best when your mind knows what can happen, we get to know each other a bit better and when you get ready. 

To get the most out of a session we’ll start with a short questionnaire via email so I get to know you and what it is you want and
if I’m the one for you we continue: 

There's going to be three contact moments
1. We call to get to know each other, fine tune your intention and go into details for the session (45 minutes)
2. We'll do the one on one live session (120 minutes)
3. Wel'll have our crystallization call. You get to share what has been touched and moved in you to anker this more into this reality. Together we come up with things you can do differently in your everyday life to integrate your insights on a more fundamental level.  (45 minutes)

De-armouring session €300,-