Discover, heal and please your erotic goddess! YoniDelight is a great toy to playfully discover, heal and please your erotic and sensual self. They’re made of natural stone, radiate loving qualities and have a lot of penetrative power to start living your potential.  


YoniDelight is the perfect toy for you if you want to: 

  • Feel more during sex with your partner
  • Reconnect with your yoni or connect deeper
  • Heal your yoni and transform armour into pleasure
  • Experience new ways of self pleasure
  • Become more sensitive ‘down under’
  • Awaken your yoni to the slightest touch
  • Replace ‘habitual self pleasure’ for epic self pleasure
  • Become really intimate with the one you love: you! ;-)
  • Play with your sexual energy
  • Awaken your erotic & sensual potential

The Perfect Lover
Answer this: what do you think about self-stimulation? Is it A: a sloppy second, or is it B: an opportunity to make love with the person you love? Take some time to really think about it. I hope you choose option B!  Isn’t it a great opportunity to make love with yourself?! Imagine yourself as THE PERFECT LOVER. Take a minute to close your eyes and tune into that. See, hear or feel how you would seduce yourself, how you would touch your body, imagine what you say to that body, how you are making her beg for sex, how you would touch her breasts, thighs, neck, arms, yoni. And? I hope your solo-sex fantasy is something like unicorns and sparkles combined! :-)

Happy, Healthy Solo-Orgasm
Every woman is built to orgasm. If you're not...it’s a matter of (pleasurable) practice to feel your yoni again (or to do 'sexual healing' like some might call it). I just wanted to let you know there’s a lot to gain when you do solo-orgasm!  
#1 You feel happier
Because of all the biochemical compounds which are released in your body like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. As a result you have a greater sense of satisfaction AND it helps you to overcome negative emotions like stress or anxiety. 
#2 Better health
Your hearts pound faster during orgasme. This reduces stress and blood pressure and strengthens your heart’s tissue. And on top it helps to have a good night sleep! 
#3 It makes periods better
During ovulation it’s easier to reach climax in less time, but it's more intense before and after your period. But if you challenge yourself with periodsex it helps to reduce menstrual cramps. 
#4 Leaves you wanting more
Touching your body connects you more to your body. It awakens your sexual power AND you will have a more relaxed life while your body craves for more sex with your partner because of the testosterone and It's a win-win-situation, isn't it?!  

Sexual Healing
Sexual healing is not only for those who are the victim of sexual assault. I think in a way we all need sexual healing. And there’s absolutely no shame in that! I’d like to give you a few common examples why we all need sexual healing:   
#1 Public opinion
Solo sex, especially for woman, is still something we don’t really talk about. We know guys do it all the time, but girls? Well of course we do it too! But it’s not something we talk about, not on purpose. We talk about a lot of thing in great detail but not when the topic is solo-sex. How do we self-pleasure, what toys do we use, how long do we do it, what helps us to go crazy wild? I think it’s because there’s still some shame around this topic which holds us from talking about it.     
#2 Our parents  
Another reason for the need of sexual healing has got to do with the way our parents reacted when we were self pleasuring. Don’t get me wrong, they did the best they could at that moment. And it’s not about judging what they did wrong. But i’d like to point out the effect. Chances might be your parents didn’t encourage you to have solo sex when they saw you touching yourself.
# 3 Second place...
It’s often not easy to put ourselves in the first place. We’re trained to think about our children, our boyfriend/husband and lots of other things first. The same goes for sex. We’re trained to please HIM. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but might have some unwanted consequences if we forget about ourselves. If you’re lucky he pleasures you before he’s done, but sill his ejaculaton is most of the end of your lovegame. Am I right? If you’re not putting yourself first, chances might be you’re not taking the time YOUR BODY NEEDS, you’re NOT TOTALLY FULFILLED and running the risk of not wanting to have sex with your partner at all if you do this to often! Your yoni is less sensitized and your libido is falling asleep. 


" Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom AND of great sex!" 

Explorer your route to epic sex!
So how about getting yourself a real date every once in a while? Save a recurring spot for 'me-time'. You deserve time to orgasm (meaning: make yourself happier, healthier, craving for more and having better periods!). You deserve time to discover and please your pleasure-spots, to drop into sexual healing and make love with the person you love! Start your sexy adventure with YoniDelight right now.

Why solo?
Why you wanna do it yourself? YoniDelight is a great toy, you can use it with your partner of course. No doubt about it! You will have great fun doing that with a partner. But think about this wise saying. Aristotle: "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" and i'd like to add "the beginning of great sex". If you know how to relax your body, feel your yoni, drop into pleasure your'e already halfway to have epic sex. AND Some things are just a bit easier when nobody is watching you. When you play solo, you can practice with:
  • Taking the time your body needs    
  • Feeling the sensations in you yoni
  • Saying NO if your yoni doesn't want to be penetrated  
  • Finding new pleasure spots all over your body
  • Slowing down 

Wanna know more about this amazing toy?
Mirjam, founder of PussyStore, tells you all about YoniDelight in an intimate podcast she co-created with Melanie Swan, founder of Sacred Womb! It’s a sister talk about:
  • What YoniDelights are
  • The benefits of using them
  • How to use a YoniDelight
  • What de-armouring is and how armour forms
  • How we can de-armour our Yoni
  • How we can find and strengthen our boundaries, our Yes and No.
Listen to the end where Mirjam gives 2 clear and very do-able exercises to get in touch with our Yoni, work through numbing and pain, and explore our intimate, Sacred self.