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Yoni De-armouring Guide

Want to start de-armouring your yoni but don't know where to start or do you think it's to much for now to go to a professional? Check this easy to follow guide to get you started!

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De-armouring is a method to release stuck, emotions, trauma, pain from the body. The entire body can store armour, including your yoni. Your yoni is said to be the center of emotional pain (sadness, anger, anger, irritation, mourning, etc.) because this is the place of your first chakra and therefore the place where all energylines start. When you work on releasing from your yoni, you work on the rootcause. Sounds efficient doesn't it?

You can have a yoni healing done by someone (your partner or a professional), but you can also do it yourself. One is not better or worse than the other, it is different! This guide describes 6 steps you can follow release armour from your yoni. The PDF is in English and will be sent directly to your inbox after your purchase.


  • Essence of yoni de-armouring
  • PDF 
  • 10 pages (text/images)
  • Link towards my Spotify De-armouring playlist

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