Four Hands Massage

Ready to upgrade your life, leave your stress, worries behind and drop into stillness. With this four hands massage we will take you on a journey into bliss and honor to love your body just the way it is. We’ll bring in the elements to raise your energy, lift your mood and blast you into another dimension. Are you ready to fully love, energise your body and be touched by four hands instead of two. 
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The session will take 1,5 hours and if you like to add an extra hour  (125,- per hour) let us know in advance so we can safe the space.  When you arrive at the beautiful venue we will be there with a nice cup of tea waiting for you. The first 15 minutes of the session are there for you to ask us everything you want to know and for us to get to know you and your body.  Are there places where you don’t want to be touched? Any areas that need special attention?

After that we ask you to get undressed and get comfortable on the mattress. The massage will start soft and slowly and will build up in energy until we end with fiery touch to wake up your life force energy. When we finish the massage you have time to integrate the session, drink water and – if you want – share your experience with us. We are available for questions or feelings that arise after.

  • Feel relaxed
  • De-stress
  • Receive blessings
  • Love your body
  • Activate your energy & body
  • Feel your life force
  • Charge your battery

This massage focuses on bringing you back into your body, for you to get fully intimate with the most important person in your life. YOU! If you’re looking for a Yoni or Lingam massage, we’re happy to refer you to one of our very talented colleagues.

Your Guides

⏃  Mirjam about Tamara: “Tamara is a licensed Thai masseuse, bodyworker and breathworker. She has got a sparkling personality and brings light into the room. With her ability to create a safe environement, she allows people to lean back, relax and feel safe.”

⏃ Mirjam about: “Tamar is a wonderful masseuse & intimacy/tantra coach and loves to bring the five elements into the four hands massage. She has golden hands and works intuitively. With her natural ability to feel into what’s needed she can give you exactly what you need.”

⏃ Tamar about: “Mirjam is trained as a de-armouring & tantra therapistWith her background in touch and working with the intimate body she brings these talents together in this four hands massage. She is loving with a special talent for soft touch to leave you feeling relaxed and energized.”  

What does it mean to use the four elements in a massage? We’ll touch your body in many different ways, using the elements as a source of inspiration. You’ll receive light, airy touch.  That’s for you to take this gift in and get used to our hands energies. Gently we move into the element water. Rocking your body like the waves of the ocean. Flowing strokes to nurture and move more energy. Then we will move into the element earth, giving you grounding touch to really arrive in your body. This is also the moment where we work with specific pain or problems in your physical body. We will end with fierce and fiery touch, to awake your life force energy. Leaving you energized and fullfilled.

We invite you in two hours to come home into your body, to feel yourself in every cell. To allow yourself to be blessed and loved by four hands. Do you have any questions, feel free to contact me. To book a session send an email to

PRICE: €300,- for 1,5 hour & four hand
Price per extra hour €125,- 

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