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Online Session: Yoni De-armouring

Do you want to learn to heal your yoni? In this Online Session I'll give you all the know how you need to get yourself started.

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Feel like you want to connect with your vagina, feel more during sex, want to explore yourself as a sexual being? Then yoni self healing might be something for you. During this one hour Skype or WhatsApp call, you’ll learn how to do vaginal de-armouing at your home. You’ll get the tools and know how to do this yourself in your own safe space.  I’ll be explaining the best practices, how to set up, what to look for when you want to find armour, what tools there are, how to use them and many more.
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This private one on one session via Skype or WhatsApp takes about one hour. From our own living rooms we’ll connect eye to eye, do a short meditation for you to drop into your body so you can better receive the training. When you’re ready I’d like to know your needs and what you’d like to focus on. Once you’re setteled I’ll share my experience and knowledge with you. The aim, for you to be able to start building a yoni healing practice in your own place.  And ofcourse you can ask question.  Afterwards you’ll receive the ‘Six Steps Yoni Healing Guide PDF’ to keep you going.

♡  The relationship between pain & pleasure
♡  What armour is and how it feels when you touch it
♡  How to find and release armour
♡  What parts to de-armour
♡  Create to right setting
♡  How to use tools, which tools you could use.

PRICE: €66,- follow up session
DURATION: 50 minutes

I’m Mirjam, started my sexual awakening journey some years ago.  During this journey I tried lots of different things which all helped me on way or another. Yoni-Eggs, YoniDelights. One of those things was de-armouring. In 2016 I did my first training while I still worked as a projectleader in IT. And had the change to start my own business. My wish is for every body to be whole and free!
If you’d like to know more about me, check my Instagram or my personal blog.


  • Build trust with your yoni
  • Release blockages
  • Become sexually empowered and confident
  • Increase blood flow
  • Become more sensitive and feel more
  • Create a yoni roadmap to your pleasure
  • Open up more to your pleasure and orgasmic potential
  • Express your sexuality with confidence

We all have armour. There’s nothing wrong with it, I believe it’s a by-product of being human. We life, laugh, cry. We might get penetrated when we’re not fully arroused, a visit to the gynacologist or giving birth are experiences which have an impact in your body. Our bodies fight, flight and freeze. AND like our brain, our  yoni (and the rest of our body) has a memorie of it’s own. It holds stress, tension or trauma. It doens’t necesarilly have to do with rape, it’s also the subtle experiences of forcing yourself in or making love with your partner for him. Our bodies have a different understanding of trauma. Because of this armour it’s harder to feel, it’s blocking you from feeling and connecting with your wisdom. Without armour you’ll be feeling more and open up to pleasure.